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Some people who lost their common sense along with any semblance of humanity somewhere between Call of Duty, clubbing, and a Pauline Epiphany may cry, How can a woman lead us? The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, A community led by a woman is cursed. An interpretation that shows their inadequacy in understanding religious texts, their strange attitude towards women and their failure to read. A camera and a youtube account does not equal scholarship. Ibn Hajar makes it clear, as did others before him that the text in question was specific to a particular woman, not all women, just like the hadith "You women lack common sense and faith" was specific to a group of troublesome women in Medina, not all women! After all, we see examples of women leaders in the Quran, and there were brilliant women during the Prophet's time. Pick up Fath al-Bāri. It's there. If you can't read it, or any scholarly text, then instead of hurting women with irresponsible opinions, drop your youtube camera and go and learn For those who've ran into those bullies, ask them to read one page of هاري بوتر in Arabic without making a mistake. If they can't, then there are more important things they should learn instead of bullying women with fatwā Unfortunately some folks have used this hadith to harm women, pushing them out of MSAs, Masjid boards and other positions of leadership. Those who pushed people out of our communities will stand before Allah to answer for those they drove away from the truth. Allah curses those who "Keep others from the path to Allah." Quran If those people were to advise women in the Quran, Hajar would have never traveled to search for water, Mosa's sister would have never spoken in front of a group of men to save her brother, Pharoah's wife would have remained silent in the face of her husband's abuse, Maryam would have abandoned her baby out of shame, Khawla would have never argued with the Prophet about her husband and much more The point is that these opinions dispensed by those who usually have no formal training in fatwā and in life would have prevented great women in the Quran for doing what Allah ordered them to do! Think on that! Go, Oprah!!!